The Burning Kite: Group Exhibition at Kristen Lorello, NYC, June 17 - July 23, 2021

Curated by Dolly Bross Geary, Michelle Y. Loh, and Kristen Lorello

Participating artists: Noa Charuvi, Cui Fei, Francesca Gabbiani, Goldschmied & Chiari, Jacob El Hanani, Mahmoud Hamadani, Nancy Lorenz, Alan Prazniak, Katy Schimert, Sun You

Makeshift: Group Exhibition at The Artlot Brooklyn, June 26 - July 19, 2021

curated by Aimee Burg, June 26th - July 19th, at The Artlot, 208 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Participating artists: Sari Carel, Noa Charuvi, Tamara Gayer and Sofia Quirno

The Ararat Collective's Map to Surviving a Pandemic: February 11- August 10, 2021


Studio Visit with Zephyr and Maize: February 2021 

Check out the article here

ArtSpiel Interview: August 2020

An insightful interview by Etty Yaniv of ArtSpiel.

Landscape Painting Now Book: April 2019

I am included in the book "Landscape Painting Now - From Pop Abstraction to New Romanticism", edited by Todd Bradway, written by Barry Schwabsky and published by D.A.P.  Link to order on Amazon

Press for the book: Hyperallergic